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What do we do?

Let’s have a look at what DMI actually does

DMI information technology stands for (Diya Munir international)

The Company was created in 2021 and ever since day 1 the team has been working everyday to make sure the name DMI is everywhere in Libya and the world

The Goal main goal of the company is to set Libya to be one of the leading countries in technology in the middle east if not the world and that’s what we truly seek. #forABetterFuture

In the process DMI has started working in different paths in technology where some others usually just stick to one path. So let’s have a look at what DMI can do.

  • Mobile App Development
  • Native Mobile App Development.
  • Web Development.
  • Database Development.
  • AI Development
  • Data Science
  • Security
  • Camera installment
  • Security door and windows
  • Employee Systems
  • Local Database systems.